A Rebel Yell with Eric Hailar of Rebel With A Cause – The Tatiana Show Ep. 295

A Rebel Yell with Eric Hailar of Rebel With A Cause – The Tatiana Show Ep. 295

Eric Hailar joins Tatiana for catch-up session, talking life in the COVID world, the pop culture he’s been using to pass the time, the novel he’s working on, living in America under Biden vs. Trump, whether a peaceful divorce from the federal government is possible, masks vs. no masks, and more!

About the Guest:
Eric Hailar is a writer, blogger & podcaster. In his own words…

„I have a lifetime love for all things freedom. Like many of you, I became skeptical of government ’solutions‘. It seemed like they were the cause of the problems in the first place. So what real solution could they come with?

„In the early 2000’s I was duped by George W. Bush with all of his campaign promises about ending foreign intervention, and not going around starting new wars in order to enrich the military industrial complex’s cronies. After the September the eleventh attacks, he forgot about that and started a terror war that is still being waged today.

„I decided in July of 2017 to start this podcast. I had thoughts and feelings I needed to get out into the world and a podcast seemed to me like a wonderful way to do that. It all started with me talking to myself in the car. Now I have guests on and we talk about our experiences and the world around us, and our desire to be free.“

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