Bitcoin & Co – Roselyne Wanjiru: Bitcoin in Kenya

Bitcoin & Co – Roselyne Wanjiru: Bitcoin in Kenya

After covering Zimbabwe, Senegal, South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria, I have the honor to host a guest from Kenya. Roselyne Wanjiru is the Director of Growth & User Acquisition at Pesabase and an advocate for the digital economy in Kenya.

„Bitcoin does not require an ID, does not require your tax ID, does not require any other major documentation. It just requires you to have an email address and that’s it. And that’s really huge.“ – Roselyne Wanjiru


Roselyne’s Bitcoin storyHer educational efforts regarding cryptocurrenciesWhy Bitcoin is especially important for AfricaMain characteristics of KenyaEconomical situationWomen’s rights and financial situationEffects of Covid-19 Bitcoin use-cases in Kenya

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