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Bitcoin Audible – Assange’s Extradition & Bitcoin’s Battle for Freedom

Bitcoin Audible – Assange’s Extradition & Bitcoin’s Battle for Freedom

‚œYears before the U.S. government’s assault on free speech escalated into the indictment against the WikiLeaks founder, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin recognized the potential fate that would befall the world’s first global Fourth Estate. ‚œ – Nozomi Hayase

Another excellent write up from Nozomi Hayase & Bitcoin Magazine, on the plight of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange & the injustice of his extradition. It is an astonishing thing to see how many world changing systems, technologies, and institutions found their beginnings in a tiny group of mathematicians & activists who found a commonality on the internet around the principle of free speech, sharing ideas on a virtually unknown mailing list of self-proclaimed ‚œcypherpunks.‘ Who knew how much it would shape our world?

Check out the original article and link sot donate to the Wikileaks Defense Fund below:

Check out the other amazing books mentioned on the Survivor’s Book List:

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Block Crunch – Token Maximalism: The Next 1000x in Crypto – Lasse Clausen

Block Crunch – Token Maximalism: The Next 1000x in Crypto – Lasse Clausen

Lasse Clausen (@lalleclausen), co-founder of Berlin-based token fund 1kx, joins me in discussing the latest trends in crypto.

Is „liquidity mining“ a fad?3 trends investors should be trackingWhat assets are Lasse bullish on and why?What is 1kx’s most contrarian thesis in crypto?

Host: Jason Choi (@MrJasonChoi). If you enjoyed the show, consider tipping! This show is not financial advice.

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Bitcoin Journalism with Leigh Cuen – WBD230

Bitcoin Journalism with Leigh Cuen – WBD230

Location: Zoom

Date: Friday 5th June

Project: Coindesk

Role: Journalist

The role of a journalist is to question, educate and inform. A truly free press is a fundamental pillar of a free society, and unbiased and objective reporting is crucial in getting a broad understanding of any industry.

News corporations are now arguably more partisan and divided than ever before, highlighted by how Fox News and CNN have become partisan propaganda outlets. Fox News is pro-Trump and will defend him and his policies almost without exception; alternatively, CNN is pro-democrat and will question almost everything Trump and his administration do. Within Bitcoin, there can be a similar lack of objectivity and willingness to challenge the status quo critically.

The Bitcoin community are often referred to as its immune system, by being aggressive and vocal about anything that seemingly questions the direction or ethos of the network they protect it from coercion and negative outside influences. While this is mostly a useful stance in an industry that has more than its fair share of scammers and questionable projects, this can make the role of journalism within Bitcoin tricky to navigate.

Despite long and firmly held beliefs, Bitcoin evolves, as does the size of the user base and how they use Bitcoin. Journalists must challenge commonly held beliefs, even if these means hard criticism from Bitcoiners.

In this interview, I am joined by Leigh Cuen, a journalist and writer at Coindesk. We discuss the importance of journalism, Bitcoin as a peaceful revolution and the strict narratives that are held by Bitcoiners.

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TTS 263 Libertarian Party Candidate for President Jo Jorgensen

TTS 263 Libertarian Party Candidate for President Jo Jorgensen

If choosing between terrible and awful for president this year makes you want to take a hard look at seasteading or joining an autonomous zone, this episode of The Tatiana Show may just offer some hope.

Libertarian Party candidate for president and long-time Libertarian Party member, Jo Jorgensen, joins Tatiana for this important, information-filled episode to explain how she is the right choice this election year.

Many people may not realize that the election commission is a private entity that determines which candidates appear on the debate stage, and they have managed to stop third party candidates from participating, despite the LP being on the ballot in all 50 states.

Jo explains her position on issues such as controlling social media, how to deal with corporate monopolies, reducing government influence in your daily life, how to educate and unify voters across the political spectrum, and cryptocurrency.

Jo also comments on current national concerns, including defunding the police, the war on drugs, the Libertarian view on the legitimate functions of the government, and how COVID-19 is impacting her campaign and ballot access.

Do you know what the Libertarian Party platform includes?
Did you know who the Libertarian Party candidate is this year?

Have you considered voting third party?

Let Tatiana know on Twitter!

About the Guest:

Dr. Jo Jorgensen is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Clemson University. She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Clemson, 2002) and has taught full-time since 2006. She graduated in 1979 from Baylor University with a B.S. in Psychology and in 1980 from Southern Methodist University with an MBA.

After earning her MBA, she put her education to work as a marketing representative for IBM. Relocating to Greenville, S.C. in 1983, she started her own software sales business.

After taking a career sabbatical to raise her two children, she became a partner in a software duplication company, later taking over as president and sole owner. She founded a business consulting company in 2002 and continues working with select clients.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen was the Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Nominee with Harry Browne in 1996.

She campaigned in 38 states and appeared as a Libertarian spokesperson on over 300 radio shows all across America. She regularly lit up the call-in boards, helping listeners discover the Libertarian Party and generating inquiries and new LP members.

In 1992, she was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District. After a statewide televised debate with her Democratic and Republican opponents, Dr. Jorgensen’s debate performance was widely praised in the media, and the Greenville News referred to her as „a rose between two thorns.“

Dr. Jo Jorgensen is a Life Member of the Libertarian Party. She supported Ed Clark for president in 1980 and has been voting Libertarian ever since. She officially joined the Libertarian Party in 1983 and has served as Greenville County chair, state vice chair, and national marketing director for the Libertarian Party.

More Info:
Tatiana Moroz
Jo Jorgensen for President
Follow Jo Jorgensen on Twitter
Libertarian Party

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Chain Reaction – Daniel Segundo: Value Investing In Crypto

Chain Reaction – Daniel Segundo: Value Investing In Crypto

Hosts Tom Shaughnessy sits down with Daniel Segundo, a General Partner at Off The Chain. The two discuss value investing in crypto vs the traditional world, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger the Mount Gox claims and much more!

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Let’s Talk Bitcoin! #439 Bitcoin Only Matters Because the Game Is Rigged

Let’s Talk Bitcoin! #439 Bitcoin Only Matters Because the Game Is Rigged

The episode is sponsored byeToro.comandThe Internet of Money Vol. 3On today’s show we’re going back to basics.While bitcoin and digital bearer assets in general are an incredibly important technology, the reason they’re likely to be important to the future has little to do with the token and everything to do with the context surrounding them: The world we live in every day, where government controlled money is abused for the benefit of the few and to the detriment of the many.* * *„Bitcoin is a way of achieving consensus. And consensus is a way for a bunch of people who may disagree on things to agree to a singular fact that they then execute, so imagine if Congress actually had bipartisan support to unilaterally pass a bill every ten minutes… That’s basically what’s occurring in Bitcoin.There’s nothing more political than money because money affects everything else, and yet Bitcoin works. I think there’s a lot of people looking at trying to reform the governance structures of the places that they’re in, what they really should be doing is looking at things like Bitcoin and frameworks using blockchains to say „OK, how can we come to consensus over this or that governance issue of which money would be one… But I think the most transformative and phenomenal thing it’ll do is, Nakamoto Consensus and then just blockchain governance writ large is a phenomenal way to have self governance.We see these breakdowns and these desires to federate cities and the way decisions are made, [but] maybe rather than turning to a government based political solution, a community based solution using something like a blockchain would be something with a lot greater staying power and impact.“– Jonathan MohanTopics:
  • Who is the economy still working for, and who is it not serving?
  • What’s wrong with money that makes alternatives attractive?
  • Why and how is Bitcoin disconnected from the current system?
  • What’s the value in the US and western Europe compared to the value in less developed parts of the world?
  • What role does speculation play in the story of bitcoin?
  • Bitcoin’s been around now for more than ten years.Are we on track to make a difference?What’s the normal adoption curve for disruptive or revolutionary technologies?
  • What IS a disruptive or revolutionary technology? Who is bitcoin potentially disrupting?
  • Does being part of the bitcoin community make you politically affiliated, or represent a distinct political viewpoint?
  • Selected excerpts from this week’s discussion:„Money, because it’s central to markets, which are central to the ways we organize societies is on of the most powerful technological tools that exists. If you then put the control of that technological tool in the hands of a monopolistic entity of any kind, whether that’s facebook libra or the US dollar under the federal reserve or whatever else it is, what happens is that that tool can be used to exert power on the way society is governed and on the way resources are allocated in a non-transparent way that is not subject to political correction or adjustment by democratic means.And when you take a tool that’s that powerful and take it out of the oversight and control of democratic institutions, then it attracts the kinds of sociopaths who want to control that lever of power and they use it to distort the market in their favor. And that’s the really dangerous aspect of money, because it’s not simply neutral fuel for an economy or some forms of it are not neutral fuel for the economy. I’ve talked about this in the past as ‚Money is a system of control in addition to its function of medium of exchange, unit of account, and store of value.And when it can be used more effectively as a system of control, then it starts losing it’s utility as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a store of value because it’s power as a system of control is so intoxicating and so overpowering that it erases all other uses of it.And that’s exactly what we see. Centralized money is no longer offering useful signaling of value, no longe offering using unit of account measurement, it’s not serving as a good store of value and increasingly not as an open, free, highly liquid medium of exchange because it’s use as a system of control has overridden all those considerations.“ –Andreas M. Antonopoulos* * *It seems like the past hundred years and the statements made publicly now and in perpetuity is that dollars will always go down and stocks will always go up. So there are fundamentally two types of Americans, those who have their life savings in dollars and those who have it in stocks. And the crazy thing with stocks, unless you’re part of the racket every now and then they completely collapse. So even that’s a rigged game.What I like about Bitcoin is it’s a way to be a part of neither game. I don’t get to insider trade like a congressman, and I also don’t have all of my life savings stolen from me because that 3% raise I get every year is completely wiped out by money manipulation.– Jonathan Mohan* * *„This entire experiment and civilization [was] founded on the idea that we have a ladder with rungs on it and a reset button. So you fall down the ladder, you hit the reset button and you can start climbing back up it. And every time the government massively overcorrects or disproportionately gives money out into the ecosystem, they’re pulling out a rung from the ladder…“– Jonathan Mohan* * *„Capitalism without the risk of failure, isn’t…“– Andreas M. Antonopoulos* * *„One of the most phenomenal things that America did was the idea of bankruptcy. This idea that you could fail and that your family wouldn’t be debt slaves to try to repay it. This idea of a serial entrepreneur was kind of invented here because the economic concept of a reset button existed here, and what we’re seeing is the death of the reset button and the way they’re accomplishing that is by pulling up the rungs of the ladder. So it’s a failure on two sides at the same time…“– Jonathan MohanCreditsThis episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin features Stephanie Murphy, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Adam B. Levine and Jonathan Mohan. Music provided by Jared Rubens and Gurty Beats, with editing by Jonas.Photo byMacau Photo AgencyonUnsplash

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    Bitcoin Audible – ION Beta Launches on Bitcoin Mainnet

    Bitcoin Audible – ION Beta Launches on Bitcoin Mainnet

    „ION will decentralize the way that messages and application data is encrypted and exchanged.“ – ION Announcement

    With the help of Casa and a number of other partners, Microsoft finally releases the beta of their new decentralized ID system, anchored to the Bitcoin mainnet. A potential solution to security and privacy in our increasingly digital future. By Peter Chawaga, and published at the amazing resource that is Bitcoin Magazine, we read and discuss „ION, Microsoft’s Decentralized Identity System, Launches Beta On Bitcoin Mainnet.“The days of usernames and passwords may be behind us.

    Check out the original article at the link below, plus a number of other great recent articles at Bitcoin Magazine:

    A huge thanks to The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network and the amazing shows they produce for the Bitcoin space!

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    Spending Bitcoin with Ragnar Lifthrasir – WBD228

    Spending Bitcoin with Ragnar Lifthrasir – WBD228

    Location: Zoom

    Date: Wednesday 27th May

    Project: Guns N‘ Bitcoin

    Role: Chief Range Officer

    Bitcoin’s immune system has evolved from years of defeating threats, staving off bad actors and protecting the core principles of the network.

    Many Bitcoiners consider Bitcoin as gold 2.0, threatening the corrupt practices of central banking. As such, small blocks, the fee market and hodling are essential components of defeating fiat. With such staunch views from within the community, even just opening up these topics for debate can see a backlash from Bitcoiners.

    Why has spending Bitcoin become such a contentious issue for some? It was the Silk Road and Wikipedia, which proved the importance of censorship resistance, enabling people to circumvent oppressive government rules.

    Developers working on Bitcoin are held to the highest levels of scrutiny, and rightly so, but why aren’t the ideas around Bitcoin usage equally scrutinised?

    In this interview, I talk to Ragnar Lifthrasir from Guns N‘ Bitcoin. We discuss the Bitcoiner narratives, why spending Bitcoin is as important as hodling, libertarianism, guns and the 2nd amendment

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    Citizen Bitcoin – Alessandro Cecere: A Passion for Bitcoin

    Citizen Bitcoin – Alessandro Cecere: A Passion for Bitcoin

    Alessandro Cecere is CEO at Coinspree, a leading LATAM Bitcoin business based in Caracas, Venezuela. Coinspree provides custodial solutions to institutional investors and merchants. Coinspree has also launched the PandoraBox – a beautiful full node solution. El Sultan Bitcoin made waves on Bitcoin Twitter recently with his cypherpunk satellite setup. Alessandro is incredibly passionate and this episode is insanely bullish. Get yourself ready to get hyped – prep some fiat in case you need to smash that buy button during this ep.

    @CitizenBitcoin on Twitter

    Citizen Bitcoin Podcast

    Citizen Bitcoin Layer One merch collection

    Bitcoiner’s Best

    Music: Moon in the Sky by Hobotek

    Links from the episode:

    Swan Signal Podcast

    Swan Bitcoin – The Best Way to Buy Bitcoin

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    Proof of Love Ep. 63 Living with Gratitude with Alyze Sam

    Proof of Love Ep. 63 Living with Gratitude with Alyze Sam

    Living in gratitude is being aware and appreciative of what we have and the world around us. While the world is more connected than ever, it is also sicker than ever: We use our connectivity to lament about our sick economies, our sick policies, and our sick relationships.

    What if we connected over love, giving, and gratitude, instead? What if we saw our way over and around roadblocks to solutions and what if we saw what we all have to be grateful for and what we have in common, rather than what divides us, each day?

    Hospice nurse, author, and entrepreneur Alyze Sam joins Tatiana and Lauren on Proof of Love to share her journey from life-shattering injury, illness, and loss to a life lived full of love and gratitude. Her inspiring story of saving her own life by turning her daily suffering into daily gratitude and all that led to is one that everyone should hear.

    Alyze, Tatiana, and Lauren share their „coming to gratitude“ processes and daily habits, how living with gratitude can help during the current COVID-19 crisis, along with Tatiana and Alyze’s latest project, Proof of Gratitude, in hopes of helping others connect over what is precious in life.

    Alyze also shares how she got into blockchain and crypto while stuck in bed recovering from multiple major surgeries and her wonderful insight as to how to inspire more women to pursue interests and careers in STEM fields and her passion about being a mother and about providing education, security and tons of love for children.

    Tune in and share the love ‚ and don’t forget to share your #ProofOfGratitude on social media!

    About the Guest:

    Alyze Sam is a refreshing blockchain strategist, a novel educator, and vehemently driven advocate. First, dedicating her life to her patients in hospice nursing, Sam passionately embraced the world of financial technology after nearly losing her own life, not once, but twice! Sam feels her destiny lies within serving her community and assisting other ‚underdogs‘ with love and education. She’s achieving these dreams with roles as; Co-Founder and Chief Executive Assistant for GIVE Nation, a non-profit children’s financial literacy AI/blockchain project which rewards altruistic behaviors. She’s a Founder and Community Director of Women in Blockchain International and sits as an ‚Social Impact Advisor‘ for blockchain nonprofits; & Women in Blockchain Foundation. Sam is a stakeholder and former Director at the ‚World Ethical Data Forum‚. Her advisory positions include; JustiFire, where they digitally track ammunition, PAC Global, a masternode payment system Sam is also PAC’s Chief Communications Officer. She just joined NewLife.Ai, a high-end fashion and Tumblr- like social media app with A.I. functions which generate digital rewards, and the Liberland Foundation Aide, a country based on the blockchain. Alyze works closely with The Illumnine Society, and Team McAfee concentrating on media intelligence, partnerships and tech events. In her free time, Sam writes for 15+ Tech Magazines, while humbly sitting at the top 1% of the Blockchain industry as a FemSTEM mentor and influencer. She’s a proud Alliance of Blockchain Professionals member, since 2018. Sam wrote the first book on Stablecoins in 2017. The unbiased text takes complex practices and simplifies concepts for most audiences. In February 2020 Sam and her partners ‚Complete 2020 Guide to Stablecoins‚ sat as the #1 New Release in Business and Money on Amazon Books. *Visuals and self publishing done by a 16 year old Sam personally mentors: Koosha Azim, Silicon Valley, CA. Sam’s second book, ‚Stablecoin Economy,‘ a university text, released May 14th 2020.

    Do you have a burning question, or a show idea for us? Please email us at!

    More Info:
    Tatiana Moroz
    Proof of Gratitude
    Man’s Search for Meaning
    Give Nation
    PAC Global

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